Profile - Angela Smyth

I have helped clients make changes in both their business and personal lives during my 30+ years of experience facilitating change. I guarantee that every committed client I have worked with has achieved results that have surpassed their initial expectations.

Coaching is more than a job to me; it is a life long passion! I believe that living an extraordinary life is possible for everyone. Nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this out for themselves.

I work with individuals on a one to one basis and run week long holistic workshops in Spain for small groups.


So what experiences have I had throughout my life to qualify me to support you through change?


Well, on a personal level I have survived 2 redundancies, which gave me the opportunity to experience working both in the public and private sector.


Following my divorce, I retrained as a Coach, building on my skills as a Trainer, Counsellor and Assessor for over 30 years.


I have moved house, relocated a number of times including to Southern Spain,and changed career.


Like many people, I have had to deal with bereavement and loss while still functioning and holding a career down.


In terms of my career I supported the managers and people in organisations in which I was employed through redundancy, downsizing, centralisation, outsourcing, and mergers to name but a few, working as a change agent. I have put this to good use when working with clients.


I would love the opportunity to do the same for you!