Judi Kelly Professional Musician


Facing and dealing with personal issues is difficult, but I was helped, encouraged and supported to face them and learnt so much that has helped me since.....it wasn't just a break...I have grown so much as a result of my week and cannot recommend the experience enough!

Helen Duffell MD LRS London


I have known Angela in a professional capacity for a few years and more recently engaged her as a personal coach. She has been an enormous help in improving my management skills and my work life balance. If you are looking for a management/Director level coach, Angela is superb. I highly recommend her work.



Beverley White

I met with Angela as I was looking for support from a coach to help make the right decisions for my career. She helped me to identify my values and what I was looking for from a career as well as all aspects of my life. She helped motivate me into finding a positive way forward. Her help was practical, encouraging and patient. I found the experience challenging and worthwhile resulting in attaining both an interview and my new job!




Lynne Saint


I was at a crossraods in my life and needed a clear perspective and support in making decisions during a challenging time. Angela helped me examine a number of options and who else my decisions would have an impact on. She helped me restore my damaged self esteem and to minimise the risks involved in making my choices.

I found her easy to talk to and and interested in me throughout our meetings.






Philippa Linane

Personal Development Coach


Angela's approach to self exploration and how to get the best from her clients is both methodical, thought provoking and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to be coached by her and she will certainly have you moving forward in a positive way! I would recommend her as both coach and NLP Practitioner.





Simon Hall

Director, EcoStyle Ltd


Angela combines a professional approach with compassion, resulting in a holistic approach to her coaching. She worked with me to identify my goals and why I want to achieve them,how I will reach them and how I will feel when I have satisfied them. She looked at any blocks preventing me from reaching my targets and how these could be overcome.

Thanks to Angela I feel completely on track with both my business and personal goals!'