Is Coaching right for you?

Need Help Making Changes in Your Life?


Q. Have you ever found yourself sidetracked by the changes life throws our way such as bereavement, relationship issues, redundancy, retirement or balancing life/family and career?

A. Everyone will inevitably experience such challenges in their life at some point.


Q. Have you got time on your hands now that your children have left the nest or rely on you less?

A. Yes, sometimes too much and I am not sure how to fill it!


Q. Do you feel overwhelmed by responsibility and incapable of tackling the issues mounting up but have no time to address them?

A. Doesn’t everyone!


Q. Do you hear yourself saying I have lost faith in myself/lost my direction/ where do I fit in?

A. More than I would like! I would love to rediscover my purpose.


Q. Do you find yourself running round in circles and wanting to stop the merry go round?

A. Yes!


Q. Are you unsure where to start tackling the issues weighing you down?

A. Some help from somewhere would be great!


Q. Are you stuck on that plan you started to make changes in your life / loose weight/ find a new career/ make time for your hobby etc.

A. I seem to have run out of steam.


Q. Do you have plans/dreams and goals but don’t know how to get started?


Then a Life Coach could help support you to tackle the challenges and issues that you face. Why do it alone? If you would like to discuss this further to see if Coaching could help you please contact Angela using the form provided.