What is NLP?

Q. What is NLP?


A. A model of communication and personality.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) began as a model of how we communicate with others, as well as with ourselves. It looks at how we process or interpret information we recieve from outside ourselves, using our senses of sight, hearing, touching, smelling or tasting.


Our senses filter the message and have an impact on how we respond or behave as a result. By becoming more aware of how we are responding, and of how others percieve us, we can learn to alter that behaviour appropriately.


So this can help us:


  • in relationships
  • as a parent
  • as a friend
  • at work with colleagues
  • as a manager of staff
  • In a business context

in fact, in every aspect of our lives.


NLP can be applied as an effective method during the coaching process.